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From Michele:

I have created a coaching program that includes therapeutic strategies but with the ease and flexibility of coaching.

You will see that the programs begin at just $2 a month, upward for 1:1 support.

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Most people know me through my social networking endeavors; while I have been in business for over three decades, my Youtube and Podcast channels have a reach of over 240 million listeners. 
I am dedicated to helping guide or educate you in creating opportunities and possibilities. 
I do not diagnose, nor prescribe. Instead, I create strategies and solutions for habits and behaviors that may be impeding the quality of your life, including relationship struggles, some addiction, trauma and of course, stress and anxiety.
My specialty is women's issues. While I might not have walked the same path as you, we have and continue to be, on the same journey. 

The passion of these social media outlets was fueled from my early days as a reporter and broadcast journalist, news anchor and host. Unearthing information for delivery to others is gratifying; knowing I can help more people- free of charge- through those venues.