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VIPaiva Reward Center

Welcome to the reward center! 

Click the link below to get started earning coupons, formulas and prizes! 

October: This month is all about renewal and nourishment.

While you are capturing rewards you will also be entered to win Sea Your Truth Serum and, a gift-only (you can't purchase it!) Apple Peel Skin Scrub. 

Good Luck!

On the link below you will see "Earn" "Referral" and "Prizes"

The prize will change every month - and you are automatically entered when you participate in an action each month. For instance, you may refer on a monthly basis, etc. 

Prize will be announced via newsletter, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook!

The referral program earns you additional points and, coupons. In October the coupon is 10% and the points are 10 per person who signs up! Purchase not necessary. 

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