Skin Solutions Sample Kit-Natural, Vegan, Botanical & Result-Oriented

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Stop and smell the flowers. And herbs. Literally!

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Take us for a spin with our Skin Solutions Sample Kit-Natural, Vegan, Botanical & Result-Oriented for all skin types. Our skincare line is the first and only psychodermatology line that cares as much about how you feel about yourself, not only how you look.

These formulas are always Vegan, Natural Botanical/organic herb/food powder, EU (very safe European union standard) and gluten-free.

We want you safe, healthy and happy. 

You'll get to try:

  • Aloe Gorgeous (cleanser) .3ml
  • Sea Your Truth Serum (serum, moisturizer) .3ml
  • A surprise scrub/mask .3/.5ml 
  • An affirmation original art print haiku card

How to use:

The Cleanser- Good for 1-3 applications (if you have oily skin, use it twice, if you have dry skin, you can dip your finger and use it up for up to five applications)

The Serum- Good for 1-3 applications -THIS IS VERY CONCENTRATED! If you use at eye area only, use a quick dab of the finger and dot around eye. You will get at a minimum, five applications. If you use on your entire face or other dry areas (like shins) you will get 1-3 applications.

The Scrub/Mask - Good for up to 3-5 applications - a little goes a long way!